Get out of your head. Get

into your body.


Sick of feeling stuck, confused, and out of alignment? Ever wonder how “she” does it,

and makes it look so effortless? Wish you had more energy and ease in your life to

focus on what you really want?


All the answers that you need are within you. Learn how to connect

and communicate with your Mind+Body+Soul in Embodiment™️



Release your limitations.

Rekindle your own flame. Learn how to light your fire, own your magic, and feel the freedom of turning your power

all the way up.

You’ve tried all the diets, pills, and potions… but you still don’t love what you see in the mirror. You see others feeling effortlessly amazing, but all you feel is struggle and stress. If you just had the energy… things would change. And let’s be real: you’re on a fast track to burnout because you’re taking better care of everyone and everything else.


You’ve had this dragging you down for so long that you hardly recognize that face in the mirror.






Now it's time to get your body on board so that you can reconnect with your inherent magic and power through Embodiment™️ Academy.


There’s a part of you that knows you’re made for more. There’s the other part that just doesn’t see HOW or feel capable of doing anything more than surviving.


You deserve to live a BIG, BOLD life you love!


So let me tell you a secret:


You can unlock an infinite WORLD of potential, once you know how to activate your own Mojo Codes.


What’s your Mojo?!  It’s your magic, my dear. It’s passion, clarity, and vitality all in one. And I can teach you how to tap in.

Embodiment™️ Academy is a radical journey to self-realization and reconnection to your highest power. Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll discover all the tools you need to change your life into one full of energy, vitality, and alignment.

This program is your Yellow Brick Road to Holistic Wellness and Energetic Mastery.

Instead of continuing to try everything under the sun to create a shift in your body and mind, learn how to master your Mojo, once and for all!

Here’s the Plan:


First, you'll start with the 6-week BOOTCAMP where you’ll begin to heal all the emotional {body} baggage that's been waiting for your attention. No more shaming yourself or listening to that Loser Lingo.


You’ll learn how to start and close your days with energizing rituals that actually WORK, so that you can do more by doing less, once you’re truly ACTIVATED.


You’ll work through old subconscious patterns and RECODE yourself for your next level.

Using ALL the tools including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT Tapping, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and so much more… THIS is how you create long-lasting change. You must work on the subconscious level… and guess what? It’s really fast and FUN!


Then, once you start to see your true capacity, you’ll discover more clarity than ever before, so that you can go on to do what really matters… without any hesitation or confusion.


After BOOTCAMP, continue through the Embodiment™️ Academy journey as you continue to evolve, expand, and uplevel with month-to-month membership… keeping all the perks like special pricing on future offers!

In just under 2 months, you will reach a level of self-mastery that can dramatically change the course of your life.

You'll know exactly how to set yourself up for your best days, every day, down to a science.

Get ready to take a bite outta life!

Embodiment™️ Academy BOOTCAMP Overview:

  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls with Lindsey

  • All-Access pass to live and On-Demand Embodiment™️ classes

  • Unlimited 1:1 and group support via private community (Life Coach Lindsey in your pocket!)

  • Online course content to work at your own pace and schedule

  • Access to the VAULT of Embodiment™️ class videos for you Variety Queens!

  • Special Member rates on Epigenetics Coaching, 1:1 sessions, and future offerings

  • Access to Good Mood Food, Wishcraft, Radiance Rituals and Kundamentals courses

What are you waiting for?

There will never be enough time or money for CHOOSING YOU to feel easy.

That’s exactly why the time is NOW. The transformation begins the moment that.

you SAY YES and agree that you’re worth it!


Doors Re-Opening January 2021!